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Who are the Mi partners?


What is dallas?


dallas stands for ‘delivering assistive living lifestyles at scale’ and is the Technology Strategy Board funding programme that Mi sits within. You can find out more here: 

More about dallas

What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is a service that people diagnosed with certain medical conditions are referred into by a clinician. They are provided with remote monitoring devices at home and clinicians remotely review their results. It also can help patients to gain confidence to independently manage their own health.

What is Mi?


Mi stands for More Independent. It is a partnership of organisations working to improve health and wellbeing across Merseyside, using a new approach to technology.

What can Mi do for me?


Provide you with the information, advice, tools and technology to stay more independent – it can help you gain control of your life and your health.

How do I pay for the technology in the Smarthouse?


If you are already using NHS or social services, it may be that the cost of your equipment will be paid for you. If you are not using NHS or social services, all equipment in the Mi Smarthouse is available to buy in store. If you ring our call centre, we will make sure that the equipment is affordable to you.

What is a Community Champion?


Mi Champions help their family, friends and neighbours to be more independent and healthy.

Mi Champions are volunteers who offer information, advice and support about technology and how it benefits the local community.

As part of Mi, there are a growing number of Champions in your local area that are organising wide ranging events and activities that you may wish to connect with. To find out what is going on in your neighbourhood contact our helpline on 0151 708 0415.

We are also keen to hear from anyone wishing to become a champion. By volunteering as a champion you can help other people, improve your knowledge on health and wellbeing and also improve your own life. Volunteering can boost your skills and experience, increase your social networks and friendships and make you happier!

What is Life Enhancing Technology?


Tools that can help you improve your life, independence and well-being. Examples can be seen here.

Who else is working with Mi?


How is the Mi funded?


Mi is funded through a Government innovation programme called dallas.