Hft is a leading national charity that supports people with learning disabilities. Everyday their creative and resourceful thinking helps people to get the most out of life. Founded by pioneering families fifty years ago, they continue to work in partnership with the people they support, their family and friends. Hft’s expertise includes supporting people with complex needs, challenging behaviour and specific syndromes like autism spectrum disorders. Their person-centred support, combined with their leadership in the use of Personalised Technology, enables people with learning disabilities to live more fulfilled lives.

Hft’s Personalised Technology (PT) department adopts a person centred approach when assessing individuals for technology. This personalised approach ensures individuals can be as independent as possible in their everyday lives. To demonstrate their expertise the PT department created a mobile and virtual Smarthouse to exhibit the products they found had a positive impact on the individuals they support. Hft also have a PT training package that is used internally, as well as being outsourced to other similar organisations.

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Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis worked in Hft’s PT Team before becoming Project Lead for Mi on behalf of Hft. It is Ben’s responsibility within Mi to lead on the workstreams Hft are responsible for delivering. This includes developing a mobile and virtual Smarthouse aimed at the general population and commissioning case studies for wider use within Mi. He is also responsible for adapting Hft’s current training packages to a more generic standard and delivering this to other partners within Mi.

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