Philips is a leading company in health and well-being. In Healthcare it is a world leader in many areas including cardiovascular X-ray, patient monitoring and home healthcare.

Inside Mi (More independent), Philips works to optimize and integrate telehealth. We lead on work packages that deliver interoperability, sustainable self management and integration of services. Our aim is to take away barriers to scale. This may be through technology upgrades, community partnerships or service redesign. We work with the Mi (More independent) partners to deliver the most effective, appropriate, sustainable and (preferably) creative solution.

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Cees Van Berkel

Cees van Berkel

Cees van Berkel is the lead Philips contact for the FGF and sits of the FGF board. He is an experienced industrial research scientist and drives projects and opportunities that focus on collaboration with external partners. Projects in home healthcare are based on clinical need, business analysis and innovative technology opportunities. In addition to the business development role, Cees has a technical interest in multi-parametric data fusion, expert systems and risk modeling.

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