Sitekit is a healthcare technology company with a mission to improve people’s lives. We aim to create tools that allow people to take control over managing their health and wellbeing. We advocate the wide-spread use of Person Held Records: health records that are owned by individuals and consented to share with others; health professionals, carers and family alike.

Our role in Mi includes creating Person Held Records and an online marketplace where people can interact with an assortment of health services, devices and applications.

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Chris Eckl, Sitekit lead for Mi, said:

“It’s a fantastic experience to work with some of the most visionary companies in healthcare on creating a platform that will help people live independently in their own homes. I am personally very invested in Mi, as I’ve seen the impact of social isolation and know how important it is to support elderly people in living purposeful lives. I believe that Mi will make a positive difference for generations to come: it enables people to have a say in managing their health and gives them the information and tools they need.”

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