PSS is a social enterprise that works across the UK. We have one key purpose: to help people get the most from life, whether this is at home, in their families, in their health and well-being or within their wider support networks. In 2019 our organisation will celebrate its 100th birthday.

Within the FGF, PSS will provide a bridge between larger public and private sector dallas partners and communities. A bridge built upon PSS knowledge of, relationships and the trust of the communities we work with and the individuals supported by our services.

One of the ways PSS is doing this is via the Champion Programme: PSS will recruit, train and deploy a core team of 150 volunteer Champions to work with people to help create individual and community demand for better (mental and physical) health and well-being.

Through the recruitment of champions on a city a wide scale PSS will upskill individuals and their families with the tools and motivation to self mange their well being and health conditions. Underpinning all our activity is the raised awareness of Life Enhancing Technologies (LET’S) including telehealth and telecare.

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Karol Zwolinski

Karol Zwolinski is one of the project workers on the PSS dallas team. His role is to identify potential champions and support them through the champion programme. He is responsible for the delivery and development of the training making sure it’s relevant, interesting and fun. He is also responsible for PSS champions working in their individual communities in improving health and wellbeing through consultation and engagement with local people. He is key to building networks across the City through champion led projects and activities and stimulating interest in the project.

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