Tunstall Healthcare is the leading provider of telehealthcare solutions, working in partnership with health, housing and social care organisations in almost 50 countries to support millions of people worldwide. We’ve been delivering pioneering solutions for more than 50 years, creating unique technology and services which help older people and those with long-term health and care needs to stay out of hospital or residential care and live independently.

Our role in DALLAS is to deliver innovative Life Enhancing Technology solutions which support the integration of health and social care and empower individuals to manage their own health conditions, improving clinical outcomes and quality of life.

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Steve Sadler

Steve Sadler, Chief Technology Officer is leading the project for Tunstall, and said: “Being part of such an important initiative, designed to unlock the potential for innovation and wellness through new approaches to health and social care, is motivating for everyone involved and poses an exciting challenge for providers of assisted living services and products. We’re hugely enthused to be involved in delivering enhanced services and support at even greater scale, with a focus on people’s independence, and on the benefits to the target population and the community of assisted living service providers.”

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