"I can’t say that life isn’t a challenge, but the technology has helped a lot"

Tony’s story

Former painter and decorator Tony Coulter’s life changed completely when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 48.

A series of operations left Tony, now 61, totally blind and epileptic – and it’s only in recent times, thanks to the technology available from  Mi that he has been able to regain his independence.

Tony lives in a Riverside independent living housing community. He is supported by technology made available through Mi – more independent – a partnership that aims to transform lives through using a range of technologies, gadgets and services that can greatly help the health and wellbeing of local people.

Tony  uses various gadgets to help improve his quality of life, including a talking microwave, a talking computer and a talking watch that tells him the time. He also has special sensors in his bed that raise an alarm if he suffers a fit and a Lifeline pendant worn around his neck that can be pressed to call for help if he ever needs it. Tony also uses a special device that is like a belt that alerts someone if he suffers a fall;

“I can’t say that life isn’t a challenge, but the technology has helped a lot – it gives you reassurance and peace of mind, that someone is always looking out for you. The other things, like the microwave and computer, help improve my quality of life as well.”

Tony tries to stay active, and has given talks about the technology he uses to the local community. He also met a partner, who is also blind.

He says: “Everything changed when I was diagnosed with the brain tumour, but I try and make the most of it. The last straw for me would be losing my independence. I have a supportive family but don’t want to rely on them all the time. The technology has allowed me to stay in my own home, living alone, and being as independent as I can possibly be.”

To find out more, Freephone* 0808 100 1929 or visit

To see Lifeline and other gadgets in action, visit the Mi Smarthouse in the Museum of Liverpool or Shop Mobility at St Johns Shopping Centre in Liverpool.

*standard rates for mobile phones apply

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