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LCVS brings people and organisations together for positive change in communities through voluntary action and charitable giving.

Established in 1909, we work with diverse communities to make a positive difference to people’s lives.
Our strategic intent is to bring together people and organisations who have the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done – helping to improve communities and individual lives in lasting and measurable ways.

We are working with Mi to deliver the social inclusion strand of the ‘Dallas’ initiative through our ‘Active at 60’ project, which helps older people stay active and involved in their communities, thereby improving their health and well-being. This involves supporting and advising local voluntary and community organisations to enhance their offer of activities for older people, and to reach out to those who are isolated within the community. Through our dedicated Active at 60 project worker, we are offering help in a number of ways, for example, linking groups with the services of Mi partners and other organisations to facilitate outreach, providing hands-on help with creating and implementing activity plans, and enabling access to other LCVS services, such as the small grants programme and capacity building where required. The aim is to create activity that will be sustainable beyond the funded project.

Working closely with TUC unionlearn, we have enabled the setting up of a number of digital hubs within community organisations across the city. The intention is to create an environment in which older people will feel comfortable enough to try out the computers and, with the aid of the trained digital champions, discover how they can enhance their own health and well-being through digital activity and engagement with technology.

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