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Digital Creativity In Disability (DCD) is the E Health delivery partner working with Liverpool Vision.

Work around the development of the cluster began during August 2013 and a already a number of well attended events have been held.

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Max Zadow

eh3 Max can be contacted through the Digital Creativity in Disability website

Union Learn Northwest TUC is the digital inclusion delivery partner working with Liverpool Vision.

Through thtis project over 100 digital champions have been trained accross the city of Liverpool and a number of digital hubs are being rolled out.   These centres are both physical ones based in community and learning centres and virtual ones using laptops and tablets to work in a range of community venues. This will enable over 1500 adults who previously were unable to access the internet to get on-line for the first time.



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Tony Saunders & John Inskip

Tony can be contacted at TSaunders@TUC.ORG.UK and Jon can be contacted at JInskip@TUC.ORG.UK

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