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We are a small team of service designers working in-house at Shropshire Council. We take a design based approach to some of the most pressing social issues and co-create solutions with people, for people. We focus on designing solutions based on capacity; what people can do rather than what they can’t, and believe that good design can make good things happen.

What attracted us to this project is the vision behind it and the opportunity to revolutionize the way that people in Liverpool think about and manage their health. Health inequality is a massive issue and the real aspiration here is to empower citizens to take more responsibility for their health, giving them more choice and supporting individuals and communities through this – assistive technology is the main driver behind this but there is much, much more to the project.

As a service designer we work with you as a client to design, useable, desirable, efficient and effective services. The processes that we follow:

– Supports design led innovation as a process that moves seamlessly from analysis to implementation;

– Reframes service challenges and problems in terms of the real experiences of customers;

– Stimulates innovative solutions to tackle some of the tricky social problems that we face as a the public sector and as a society;

– Supports prototyping by developing and testing ideas (solutions) in low cost, small scale ways.

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